AI for Waste Management

 Our Artificial Intelligence simplifIES the Classification of waste and streamlines the management process ensuring compliance.

reducing waste in waste management

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Reduce Costs

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Save time

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Improve efficiency

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Drive Compliance

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Simplify Reporting

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Improve Safety


Reduce your environmental impact


One Platform for Cradle to Grave Waste Management

Wastevu is a state if the art waste management tracking platform, enabling you to manage the end to end process of waste management for all your locations, on one platform.

Your operation is simply too important to reply on traditional waste management systems, which can be fragmented, time consuming and open to human error, especially when by law you have a duty of care to ensure your waste is managed throughout the whole process.

Our intuitive platform utilises augmented intelligence to simplify waste identification, classification, management, tracking and reporting.

WasteVu will additionally and uniquely facilitate knowledge sharing, enabling connections within and between different industry sectors, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of waste transportation and promoting a true and resource efficient circular economy.